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Megalexicon Voice Recording System

   Digital voice recording is a required tool in corporate security. However, such systems can also be used for performance analysis, whether of individual employees or the whole enterprise. You need a system of digital audio recording if you require recordings of negotiations with customers or partners, an archive of calls to your call centre or of fax messages, or if you want to know the most frequently called telephone number of those shown on your website. Our solutions allow you to monitor a practically unlimited number of digital and analogue audio sources.

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Megalexicon  Call Management System

   Modern switching systems can provide useful information to help you manage these expenses. This function is typically called SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) or CDR (Call Detail Recording). The system outputs call records in plain text via serial port. Call record always include basic information about the call (extension number, trunk id, dialed number, call starting time and duration). Some systems can output extra information (account code, call type, Caller ID information for incoming calls, etc.).

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Megalexicon Multi channel Messaging System

   Megalexicon Multi channel messaging system is a multi-channel automatic messaging system for delivering messages to large numbers of subscribers via telephone lines, SMS, e-mail, or a pager. The system can be used by emergency (police, fire-brigades, etc.) and dispatching services, utilities, municipal authorities, marketing companies, telephone companies, airlines, travel agents, and many others.

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